Heidi Tabing

Asian American voice actor, author, artistRecording since 2007 for video games, animation, audiobooks, and moreRemote-capable home studioshe/her

Voice Acting Demos

Vocal Description

Voice: feminine, youthful, energetic, sweet, clear, expressive, captivating, amiableVocal Archetypes: girl next door, princess, hyper brat, energetic hothead, strong independent woman, femme fataleAccents: General American, valley girl, southern US, RP English, French

Studio Specs

MicrophoneAustrian Audio OC18
BoothStudioBricks One VO Edition
Sound Floor-60dB when normalized to -3dB, or -65 to -60dB at -23lufs

Raw Studio Sample

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Other Equipment by Request

  • Neumann TLM 103

  • 2 x sE Electronics 4400 (for stereo recording)

  • 2 x Clippy EM272 in silicone ears (for binaural recording)

  • Zoom F3

Visual Reel

Notable Roles

Arzette: The Jewel of FaramoreZazie, Univor, fairySeedy Eye Software
Saint MakerCorneliaYangyang Mobile
DwerveAerie, Vandra, SlaHalf Human Games
Crayola Creativity Week 2023Diana (Cartoon Host)Makematic/Crayola Education
ShrapnelLilya ReznyaMoonshine Animations


  • NYC vs Boston Accents with Keri Safran

  • The Art of the Live Action Dub with Greg Chun

  • ADR from Home with Tony Oliver

  • 5-Step Character Voice Acting Coaching with Richard Horvitz

  • 3-Week Video Game Clinic with Cassandra Lee Morris

  • Character Voice Acting Coaching with Richard Tatum

  • Character Voice Acting 101 with Julie Maddalena

  • Commercial Voice Coaching with Dave Bisson

Game Development

Perished TruthScript ProofreaderDeVoid Studio
Merci Griffin: Legendary LawyerScript Proofreader, Sensitivity ReaderPompous Productions
Bright BladesIcon Artist, Script Proofreader, QA TesterSam Rowett Games


Heidi Tabing is a Chinese-Filipino-Japanese American voice actor, author, and artist (though you're probably here because of voice acting, huh? No worries, I totally get it). She's asexual 🖤🤍💜 and a highly-sensitive person, which basically means she can cry on command. (Yay, it actually has useful real-life applications!)She does voice-over full time from her home studio. She's dedicated to her craft, and eager to please (a result of her Asian-American upbringing 😭), so she can deliver quality results with a quick turnaround. She's been voice acting for video games, animation, and audiobooks since 2007, and started voice acting full time in 2021 after switching gears from writing.She has a useless psychology degree and minor in theater from the University of California, Davis, where she also dabbled in fashion and costume design.

JRPGs influenced her from a young age. Chrono Trigger in particular had inspired her to start writing fiction. She has yet to find another game that made her feel the same way she felt when she first played Chrono Trigger. Sigh... When she got her first laptop, she saw an opportunity to voice beloved unvoiced characters from the Final Fantasy series. Needless to say, she sucked, but hey, you gotta start somewhere. Regardless of the quality of her early videos, the community encouraged her to continue on, and man, she's glad she switched to voice-over full-time, because wow is the publishing industry draining.To this day, she still plays video games to unwind and find inspiration. Recent notable favorite series are Ace Attorney, The Legend of Zelda, and Dishonored, and boy howdy, does she love stories that make her cry. (Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright and Spirit of Justice. Mmm. It hurts so good 😙👌) So if you discover a heartfelt story that will make an overly-emotional person cry, feel free to throw out a recommendation!

Here are some pics she took in her super cool sparkly dress and then some, because it would be a shame to pretend they don't exist. She used to consider herself quite vain, and then the pandemic happened. Oh well. You live, you grow a bit, and then realize what's really important, like not showing your face unless you need to.

She has a cat named Bubbles, but she's usually called anything but. Baby, usually. Bubbakins, Babykins, Baby-cakes, et cetera, et cetera. Cat parents know how it is.Heidi loves cats. Nothing against dogs, really, except she's allergic, and breaking out into hives every time she touches such lovable, slobbering, excitable balls of fur means she doesn't know how to play with them. She's also allergic to nuts. That's a funny story...Anyway, Bubbakins has a goatee, and it's the actual best.


Los Angeles